Graden GBS 1200 Verticutter

The GBS 1200

A tractor mounted 48″ (1200mm) straight reel Graden sporting 39 blades, this powerful machine is ideal for flat
areas including sports fields, cricket squares, tennis courts, golf tees, relatively flat greens and approaches.

DRIVE BELTS AX40 Dayco Super 2 Series
6 per machine
GEARBOX Comer T27A Increasing Gearbox
TRACTOR 20hp +
WHEELS 4. 1.0/3.50-4 tube type slick tires
4 per machine
heavy duty bearings in rims
CUTTING DEPTH variable from 0 to 1.75” (45mm)
CUTTING WIDTH 48″ (1200mm)
WIDTH 51″ (1250mm)
LENGTH 61″ (1540mm)
HEIGHT 20″ (500mm)
WEIGHT 620lbs (280kg)


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